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    Thaï Massage
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    Therapeutic Massage
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    Muscular Pain

Thaï Massage

Traditional Thaï Massage

For more than 2000 years Traditional Thaï Massage proved its effectiveness. Halfway between yoga and traditional Chinese medicine, it is a set of techniques that combines accupression and assisted stretching.

Therapeutic Massage

A very bespoke massage

We create a massage adapted to your profile and your needs. It is s a complete therapy indeed the neck, the shoulders, the back, the arms, the belly, the legs and the feet can be reviewed. Assisted stretches are also included in order to relax and strengthen your muscles. A session varies from 1h30 to 2h.



A Gold Massage Reflexology includes feet and the legs massage. We warm up and stretch each foot. Then we reactivate the nervous system with a wood pen for a pure thai foot massage. Following that provide a full leg massage by combining accupressure and stretching techniques.

Muscular pain

Pain and stiffness

Like all natural medicines, we always recommend preventive massages. Of course, we are able to relieve pain when they appear.

We may need Herbal Ball in case of extreme pain.

Massage at work
Improve your productivity
Studies show that the companies offering the best working conditions are the ones with the best results.
An adapted offer
Our offer adapts to your needs. We can provide massages at your companie or simply offer discounts to your employees.
we participate in your success

We are proud to help the best Portuguese team Brazilian jiu-jitsu during their competition.

We participated at the Massage and Shisha events in Carcavelos beach.

Get discounts on our massages with the Nomad Card.

You will feel at home in the most welcoming Guest House of Lisbon.

Cecilia B.Recruteur
I did not know the Thaï massage and I was afraid but Yohan proved that he is a true professional who put me at ease and explained everything, giving me a huge security and tranquility feeling. My body is light and tender, I no longer feel tensions on my back or neck. It was a pure moment of relaxation. I will repeat it without a doubt. I recommend it to everyone who look for therapeutic and emotional benefits. A thousand congratulations for your work Yohan and thank you once again for these 2h of peace and serenity!
Nicolas C.Team Manager
I really loved it! 15 days with back pain, in one hour I got better soon!! TOP I recommended!
Julie P. Photographer
I called Yohan for back pain following a fall on stairs. Following the two-hour massage, it’s like I had no pain. In addition to that, it freed of the tension in the upper back, the neck and the shoulder. I appreciated his responsiveness to my fall and his professionalism in explaining my pain and what to do afterwards. Thank you very much!
Alex B.Web designer
Yohan is professional, passionated and very kind. You can feel it when he’s performing. I will come back for sure!
Amandine S. Communication Assistant
I just loved the job done on the energies and synergies that my body has since. I recommend to all people who want to work inside before feeling the result outside. Bravo!!!!
Morgan S.Teacher
Yohan is professional, passionated and very kind. You can feel it when he’s performing. I will come back for sure!
Atenna M.Yoga Teacher
All the tensions of my body have been perfectly released, I felt very comfortable during the full body massage and in a total state of peacefulness after… Probably the best massage experience I had so far! Thank you
Rémi A.Gérant de Dos Fidalgos
Do not expect a massage of convenience or ineffective caress !! Yohan is above all a therapist who listen your heart and your soul. So he will heal you and get you back on track for a long run. According to your desires or your needs, it will massage with strength, positive energy and depth the part of your body that needs it. He himself radiates such a radiance that you are already better at nothing than at. Finally, he is not stingy with his hours and is rather talkative.
Clémence L.Web Designer
Yohan is very attentive and professional! You can go there with your eyes closed! I recommend it 100%!
Caroline G
Yohan is a great masseur. It was my first time and Yohan immediately put me at ease by explaining all the processes, different massages and their impact on different parts of the body. Besides being a good masseur, Yohan is nice, interesting and very knowledgeable. During the massage we discussed a lot of things! I recommend it, especially if you are passionate about psychology, energies and their impact on your body and lifestyle. Thanks again Yohan!
We will not lie the good massages are rare in Portugal and we are in the right place to relax!! Yohan is listening to our ills and our body!! I recommend!
Amélie M.
Yohan is an excellent masseur and very nice. It was my first experience of Thai massage. I had visible tension in my legs thanks to his massage, I felt much lighter! I recommend 110%, you can go there with your eyes closed
Ana L. Banker
A wonderful session of relaxation and healing with a discreet and well-groomed massage therapist. It’s really worth taking advantage of this moment.